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Chris Flores
CSU Bakersfield
Raised in the San Fernando Valley.
Residing in Bakersfield.
Wild Child

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Did a photo shoot with a really good friend of mine, a girl I went to high school with, in recycled wedding dresses. These are a couple of shots I did.



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The Virgin Suicides (1999)
Sofia Coppola

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You were like my old favorite sweater…

You were like my old favorite sweater. I would wear you for weeks or even months at a time, without even caring if you were dirty, stained, and tattered. But after a period of time, I would toss you in the back of my closet to gather dust. After a few weeks, I remembered I had you and I would wash you and wear you all over again; I would take care of you to make sure you still looked and felt okay and I would make sure you still kept me warm. I would wear other sweaters in between, because they kept me warm too, but none of them would keep me as warm as you originally did. Two years would go by and I realized that the sweater I once loved so much didn’t really fit me anymore. Perhaps maybe not in size, but more in regards to the person that I was…the person I became. You were old and worn out and I grew out of you. But that didn’t mean that I ever stopped loving you. You were still my old favorite sweater. And maybe I haven’t found a sweater that was ever equally as warm, but I knew I couldn’t wear you anymore, simply because people would think I was crazy for wearing something so tired and useless. I still have you there, sitting in an old box somewhere. And I think about how warm you made me feel and all the memories I had with you that made me happy. I think about the times you made my outfit complete or simply the times you were with me when I wanted to feel frumpy. And I also wondered if you ever loved me as much as I ever loved you. But then I remember. You can’t love people back. 

-Cristian Manuel Flores 


"hey do you think you could follow me ba-"


Itati Cantoral!!

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